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Cindy Weir Handler & PLF K9 Gracie xo

Cindy Weir is a proud Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces.  She served with the UN Forces in the Golan Heights, with the Coalition Forces in Gulf War 1 and on various domestic operations at home.

While still in the military, she first noticed various symptoms that went undiagnosed and after Cindy left the Military, she experienced numerous and worsening physical and mental health issues.  Eventually she was diagnosed with MS and PTS, both traced back to her service career.

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Lieutenant Colonel (ret’d) John van der Laan

Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) John van der Laan entered the Canadian Forces under the Regular Officer Training Plan after graduating from Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology as an Electronic Engineering Technologist. He attended both Royal Roads Military College and Royal Military College of Canada, graduating in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. 

He is a graduate of the US Air Command and Staff College and the University of North Dakota with a master’s degree in Space Studies. 

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Jon Archambault

At 19 years old, Jon joined the military to work in communication in the army for 4 years. This led to his service in the navy where he was a member of Special Operation Forces. For 6 years his assignments were on a ‘need to know’ basis—nationally and in Iraq.

On his return, he transitioned to employment that allowed him to continue to serve Canadians, but outside the camouflage uniform. He became a police officer in a major city in Canada.

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Chaundra Perkins

Chaundra was raised in Oakville, attended university at the University of Ottawa and completed her Master of Business Administration at Dalhousie.  Having lived in bigger cities Chaundra wanted to raise her children in a small town where there was a sense of community spirit, open fields and fresh air. In 2006 Chaundra moved to West Lincoln where she has been a proud resident ever since.

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