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What is
PTSD Service Dog

They are our lungs. Without them, we cannot breathe. They fill our bodies full of hope and dreams, expelling the darkness that has kept us down and locked away in our own prisons for so long. They are our hearts. Pumping energy, life and joy back into bodies which have been shells of people who are barely recognizable. They, are our moral compass. Without them, our reactions can be so extreme, so unacceptable, so unpredictable, sometimes we scare ourselves. They keep us safe when we are out. Not trained to protect, but intuitive enough to know when we feel overwhelmed or ready to strike, it’s time to take this human home. They are the world’s cutest babysitter, and no-one knows, other than us. They are our confidants, therapists, aides and playmates. To give them the title of our Best Friend would be a dishonor. They are part of us. We are a team. Trained to do tasks, that others do not see. They are a Medical Device, without them, we cannot survive. We are ONE!

– Cindy Weir Handler & PLF K9 Gracie xo
Qualifications of a PTSD Service Dog:
All VEC Service dogs:
  • Have comprehensive and certified training skills
  • Have met mandatory performance levels
  • Are certified capable and competent. with skill levels/behaviours set a top level standard.

Do I Qualify?

Each of the following criteria must be met for you to qualify for this program:

  • You are a Canadian Veteran who served in the Armed Forces.
  • You are under the care of a mental health professional and are currently in treatment.
  • You have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress, and have been prescribed the use of a Service Dog by your Mental Health professional.
  • You able to take care of Service Dog both physically and financially. 

The Steps

  • See if you fit the criteria to qualify to apply.
  • If so, fill out the application with the necessary paper required, and email it in.
  • You will be contacted by phone, once your application has been vetted.
  • There will be a minimum of one more phone and one video interview with our Partners Baden K9.
  • You will have a good indication as to whether or not our dogs will suit your needs and vice a versa. Based on our funding situation at the time, we will be able to give you a pretty accurate timeline for your Service Dog.

Apply Today!

To apply, please email the following three documents to

1. A letter from your qualified Care provider, stating your need for a Service Dog;

2. A copy of your service record (490A or MPRR); and

3. A completed copy of the form attached below.

Download the Application