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About us

Veteran’s Elite Canines is a Federally Incorporated Not For Profit organization. Our goal is to help Canadian Military Veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress by pairing them with bred for purpose Service Dogs, to provide them with resources, and help to educate the public on issues surrounding PTSD Service Dogs.

Mission Impossible

Veteran’s Elite Canines mission is to raise funds to: 

  • Provide Canadian Military Veterans suffering from PTS with specifically trained and supported service dogs; 
  • Provide the service dog at no cost to the Veteran; 
  • Provide the dog and handler team with support as identified; 
  • Develop and distribute educational material and messages regarding PTS service dogs to specific audiences and the broader public; and 
  • Advocate on behalf of Veterans with PTS service dogs. 

Our Journey

Cindy is a veteran with PTSD who was diagnosed in 2001. As a result she spent many years unable to leave her home or engage with others. The disability left her a prisoner in her own world. Public spaces and events would cause degrees of frustration, anxiety and panic so extreme, it was easier to just avoid them all together. She was unable to live a full life – a productive life – but she desperately wanted to be an active participate in society again.

In 2018 she began the search for a PTSD service dog. She was told repeatedly that there were no dogs available and the wait for one in Canada would be years. Undeterred and determined the search continued and Cindy was, eventually, helped by a U.S. based organization – Pawsitive Love Foundation (PLF) – based in Florida.

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Our Dogs

Gracie and I completed our initial training in March of 2019 in Santa Rosa Beach Florida with the follow-up rectification under the tutelage of the Pawsitive Foundation team. Read More

It has been 7 months now that Safire has come into my life, and the changes we have experienced together have been incredible.  Read More

MCpl Bowers CD (Retired)

Safire is a German Shepards Dog

The Board

Cindy Weir

Founding Director –CEO
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Lieutenant Colonel (ret’d)  John van der Laan

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Norman Adams

Founder at The Accountant’s Office

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Your Donations to Veteran’s Elite Canines help support all Veteran’s Elite Canines activities including the purchase, training, and healthcare required for the service dogs as well as costs incurred for veterans during the initial training sessions.

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If people could see the absolute magic that occurs from the moment the Veteran receives their dog, it’s amazing. It’s like the love of a grandparent holding their grandchild for the very first time. It doesn’t take long for the bond to develop and within no time, we now have a Veteran who, will be back, functioning within their community where they belong.

Gracie has given me the ability to get out and discover life again. I’m no longer trapped inside my world of fear and confusion. The anger is far more manageable when you have this incredible creature who knows your every move, mood and thought, almost before you do.