Veteran's Elite Canines Inc

PTSD Service Dogs for Canadian Veterans




To provide Canadian Veterans suffering from PTSD with specifically trained and supported service dogs.
To provide the service dog at no cost to the Veteran.
To provide the dog and handler team with support as identified.
To develop and distribute educational material and messages regarding PTSD service dogs to specific audiences and the broader public
To advocate on behalf of Veterans with PTSD service dogs

Life Can Be Better

Sharing our Pawsitive Love Foundation partners passion:

It is our passion to see people live free. Free from the stress and worry about what is ahead or behind; on the inside and the outside; free from the concerns of how simple tasks might pose a complex problem. Our passion is to help those who fought for our freedom and for those who had no say in losing their own. (Used with permission from PFL)


Advisor: Steve Kotowske – Pawsitive Love Foundation


Veterans who receive service dogs from VEC will do so at no cost. No cost for the dog, training, equipment, travel or related sundry expenses.  Service dogs are as essential as any other medical device or support equipment required by an injured Veteran.


Comprehensive and certified training skills and performance levels are mandatory for all VEC service dogs. They are certified capable and competent. VEC trained service dog skill levels/behaviours set a top level standard.


The public education program is an integral part of the VEC mission. We are encouraging veterans with service dogs to share their experiences with us. This will ensure we establish comprehensive best practices and identify demographics and sectors where education is most needed.


The need for service dogs is significant. Canada has thousands of veterans who are currently working with mental health teams and have received recommendations for service dogs.  Unfortunately, the supply of properly trained dogs is low or in most cases non-existent. Veteran’s inquiring about dogs are being told there is a six year waiting list.

Canadian Veterans need access to PTSD – skill specific – Service Dogs – NOW.

This is our mission.  This is our pledge. This is our duty.



The Back Story:

There’s always a story behind a good idea.

Cindy Weir is the driving force behind Veteran’s Elite Canines and this is her story.


Cindy is a veteran with PTSD – diagnosed in 2001. As a result she spent many years unable to leave her home or engage with others. The disability left her a prisoner in her own world. Public spaces and events would cause degrees of frustration, anxiety and panic so extreme, it was easier to just avoid them all together. She was unable to live a full life – a productive life – but she desperately wanted to be an active participate in society again.

In 2018 Cindy began the search for a PTSD service dog. She was told repeatedly that there were no dogs available and the wait for one in Canada would be years. Undeterred and determined the search continued and Cindy was, eventually, helped by a U.S. based organization – Pawsitive Love Foundation (PLF) – based in Florida.

Cindy was fortunate enough to have a dog of a suitable breed, age and temperament that PLF determined could be properly trained. (This is a rare occurrence as the vast majority of service dogs are bred specifically for their purpose.)

PLF accepted Gracie only after meeting her and evaluating her. Once approved, Gracie and Cindy began an intensive training schedule. The two graduated last March and Gracie took her place at Cindy’s side.

What a difference Gracie has made in Cindy’s life.

Gracie’s presence and skills allow Cindy to leave the house, shop, attend social functions and interact with people again. She lives a full life – a productive life and she’s determined to give back to others. The incredible generosity* Cindy received from the Pawsitive Love Foundation inspired her to establish Veteran’s Elite Canines Inc. She invites you to join her and the VEC team.


*The cost of Gracie’s training was covered 100 percent by the Pawsitive Love Foundation as they see no borders or barriers when it comes to helping veterans. VEC organization will operate on the same values and standards as PLF. The two organizations now work together to support Canadian veterans.

Advisor: Steve Kotowske – Pawsitive Love Foundation

Waiting For Their Handlers

Just over 40,000 Canadian military personnel were deployed to Afghanistan.

Stats from the Canadian government indicate 15% of those who served have now been diagnosed with PTSD.

6000 Canadian Veterans – from one conflict.

The need for properly trained service dogs grows every day.

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